||| Our Methodology

We take a holistic approach to training by focusing on integrating the physical, mental and emotional aspects of learning. Our classes follow key parameters in order to create a dynamic learning environment:

The way we group students directly affects the content and material taught within each level.

All acrobatic sports have one thing in common, the ability to flip. 

Our program is designed to build the foundation first and then move into sports specialization. Whether you want gymnastics, parkour, tricking, tumbling, trampoline etc.. the foundation of movement begins at the same place. 

We Offer Four Levels

Ground (Beg.)

Flight (Int.)

Flip (Adv.)

Twist (Masters)

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Our Unique Method allows for a dynamic learning environment due to how we structure classes.

||| Our Stages of learning: Developmental, Specialization, Elite.

||| Our Developmental Program leads to Specialization within Gymnastics, Parkour, Tricking, Freerunning, or Tumbling.

||| We provide qualified coaches for each stage of your journey.

||| Our curriculum follows a holistic approach to learning.

||| Testing Required to Advance in Level


We STRONGLY RECOMMEND all students begin in Ground School in order to build a proper acrobatic foundation.

Nevertheless WE UNDERSTAND student's with prior experience may be ambitious to progress quickly. We do allow for students to test into any level at any time. Schedule Testing Today.


Run | Jump | Crawl | Roll | Handstand | Cartwheel | Limber |


Round Off | Front Handspring | Back Handspring | Introduction to Flipping


Front Flip (tuck, pike, layout) | Back Flip (tuck, pike, layout) | Side Flip

Classes: 50 min - 1.5 Hours | 10 month - 18 years

Ground (beg.)

This is an Entry Level. No Testing Required.

Our beginner level introduces students to the basic coordination and movements that are necessary to flip. In Ground School students will work on running, jumping, crawling, rolling, handstands, cartwheels, pushing strength, pulling strength, circling on bars, drops on trampoline and more. 

Classes that follow Ground School Curriculum are:  Parent 'n' Me | Pre-School | Ground | 

Flight (int.)

This is an intermediate level. Testing Required for Entry.

Flight School focuses on three main skills; round off, front handspring, back handspring. While there are other areas of development happing, all forms of development revolve around these three skills. When learned correctly students who master these three skills learn a total of 9 skills. When a student learns to back handspring properly then they also learn the movements necessary to perform a back whip and a back layout. Flight School is foundational to Flip School.

Flip (adv.)

This is an advanced level. Testing Required for Entry.

Flip School is all about flipping on and off various surfaces. Flip off blocks, flip over mats, flip onto mats, wall flip, flip off bars, flip on trampoline etc etc. Flip School begins to focus on developing autonomy in the students learning. 

These are the requirements to test into FLIP.


Are you ready to begin specializing in an acrobatic sport? In this tier of training students focus on mastering sport specific techniques to pull off amazing feats. 

4. Masters

Front Tumbling Series | Back Tumbling Series | Twisting Flips | Flip Off a Surface | Strength | Flexibility

In this class students will be given the last 10-30 minutes to work on any skill of their choosing with the guidance of their instructor. 

This level focuses on developing athlete autonomy and giving the students the necessary tools to advance in skill difficulty. 

Classes: 1.5 hr min. a week | Skill Specialization

Women's Gymnastics

Vault | Bars | Beam | Floor

Free Flow

Parkour | Tricking | Free Running | Gymnastics | Ninja

Tumble & Tramp

Trampoline | Tumble Trak | Tumble Strip

TESTING | Entry Requirements

These are the requirements to test out of FLIP and into SPEC.


Not everyone wants to compete. However for those students who are driven to compete we offer a competitive track. Due to demand we currently only have a Women's Competitive Team. There are 3 ways to make it on our competitive team.

Path 1: Test out of our Specialty Program

Path 2: Qualify for our Pre-Team Program

Path 3: Have prior experience in competitive gymnastics and test into our program

Women's Gymnastics

6 - 20+ hr a week | No Age Limits | Sport Specific

TESTING | Entry Requirements

These are the requirements to test out of SPECIALTY and into ELITE.