About Us.

Founded in 2014 Thrive Training Center Inc was formed through a partnership between Anne Flores and Raleigh Carter. Formerly known as Pacific Coast Gymnastics, Station 1 Athletics, and Atascadero School of Gymnastics, Thrive Training Center comes from a long history of gymnastics on the central coast.

MISSION: Empower our students through an environment that optimizes the opportunity to improve.

VISION: Develop a student's physical, mental and emotional skills through the art of flipping.

CORE VALUES: Every decision we make as a company is first filtered through our core values.


RELATIONSHIP: Celebrating others in order to build confidence, self-esteem, and hope.

EXCELLENCE: Create memories by recognizing the "wow" in a students effort

LEARN: Use mirroring, curiosity, decision making, and pattern recognition as the foundation for learning.

INTEGRITY: Create leaders through the pursuit of mastery

CONVERSATION: Connect with others through conversation whether verbal or non-verbal.