Frequent Asked Questions

Office Hours

Thrive’s Office Hours for 

Atascadero are Monday-Friday 1:30pm-6:30pm and our 

Paso Robles Hours are Monday - Friday  1:30 pm -6:30 pm and Saturday 9:30 am -2:30pm 

Please note our hours of operation for classes may fluctuate from the hours the office staff is available.

Enrolling a Student

All our registration is online at If you are already in our Thrive database, then you do not need to make a new account. Use the email you have on file with us and then you can select password reset if you forgot, or if you have never used the online customer portal. If you are new then please create a new account.  Once your account is created please make sure you have selected the facility location and start looking for classes. Introductory levels are all TK, Kinder, and Ground classes each separated by age group.  Levels above that require previous experience and a scheduled evaluation. We do recommend that you opt in for our email and text notifications as that how we communicate all important enrollment information. 

Mobile App Instructions

Our app is available on the googleplay store or Apple App Store.  Please look for the app titled the iclasspro App.  It will then ask you for our organization code.  Please enter thrivetc. We recommend opting in for notifications to get the most important updates. You can add credit card information, drop classes , enroll in classes, and schedule make-ups all from the app, along with receiving important notifications. App tutorials are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Tuition is due on the first of each month.  If you choose to sign up for auto-pay then you have opted in for continuous enrollment. If you choose to pay one month at a time, then you are committing only to the end of the month and will need to pay online or through the app before the 1st of each month to reserve your spot in the next month.  Auto-pay can be cancelled at any time by removing your card on file through the use of our app, our online customer portal, calling us, or message us here.

Make-Up / Absences

When a student has their first excused absence in the month, or our facilities are closed they will be issued a make-up token.  You will get a notification by email.  You can redeem these tokens by scheduling a makeup online through our app or on the online customer portal.  You will schedule your child for an extra class in the same level they are already in or a level below.  Our calendar allows you to look ahead 7 days.  If all classes are full that week please check again in a few days.  Make-ups can be done in either of our facilities.  Just choose gym location when you are trying to book the make-up class. Using the make-up token will keep you from having to pay during checkout. Please note you must be actively enrolled in a class to schedule a make-up. Makeup tokens are not transferrable between students and are not exchangeable for tuition.

Wait List

If the class that you would like to enroll your child in is full, then please add your child to the class and it will put in a request to be added to the waitlist.  We will then approve it and you will get an email notification.  Once the class becomes available, we will call and text to let you know.  You will have a 24-hr window to call or text back and claim your students spot in the class. 

Testing / Leveling Up

Students are tested at regular intervals within their normal class time. Once they have passed the skills for the next level, they will receive a wristband in class.  They will also receive move-up wristbands when they age out of a level in the ground school program. When your child brings home a wristband, please note the new level on the back of the label. You can then go online and pick the new class.  Please make sure you use the transfer feature otherwise it will try to enroll your child in a second class and charge you for it.  Level Up Request.

Drop Enrollment

Please drop by the last day of the month to avoid auto-pay processing on the first of the month. Request Form