Parkour | Tricking | Free Running | Gymnastics

Stages of Learning


Our mainline ENTRY LEVEL program that follows the Ground, Flight, Flip Curriculum.

*No Testing Required to Enroll in Ground (entry level)


This is where your training begins to focus on sport specific movements such as:

Parkor Vaults

Tricking Kicks

Free Running Flips

Ninja Agility

Gymnastics Strength and Flex


All those really cool videos you see online. Yeah we can teach that.

Your Journey


- Development (No Entry Test)

- Specialty | Masters

- Elite | Travel Team

*Students must test to advance

About Free Flow


Developed in the late 80's in France, Parkour focuses on efficiency of movement from point A to point B. Popularized through social media and movies Parkour is more about direction of movement and less about flash, style, and flair.

Key Skills:

  • Kong Vault

  • Tic Tac

  • Wall Run

  • Safety Roll

  • Speed Vault


Martial Artists took their elite level kicking skills and started adding them to flips and twists. The root of Tricking can be traced back to Taekwondo masters.

Key Skills

  • 540 Spin

  • Cork

  • Butterfly Twist

  • Slant Gainer

  • Flash Gainer

Free Running

Free Running came to be when Sebastian Foucan wanted to create a more inclusive form of Parkour. Free Running adds all the flair, flips, and spins that Parkour lacks.

Key Skills:

  • Webster

  • Wall Flip

  • Palm Flip

  • Palm Spin

  • Cast Away Flip


Gymnastics has many different events and apparatuses. We take the key gymnastics movements that help build a foundation for elite movements. Whether a student wants to flip, handstand, circle around a bar, or do the splits, all of these movements are rooted in gymnastics.

Key Skills:

  • Handstand

  • Back and Front Handspring

  • Back and Front Flips

  • Cartwheel

  • Round Off

  • Giants on Bar

  • Kips on Bar

  • Pull Ups

  • Handstand Push Ups

  • Leg Lifts

  • Hollow and Arch Holds