Trampoline | Tumble Strip | Tumble Trak | Loose Foam Pit

Stages of Learning


Our mainline ENTRY LEVEL program that follows the Ground, Flight, Flip Curriculum.

*No Testing Required to Enroll in Ground (entry level)


This is where your training begins to focus on sport specific movements such as:

  • Twisting Flips

  • Double Flipping

  • Cody Flips

  • Kaboom Flips

  • Connection Tumbling


All those really cool videos you see online. Yeah we can teach that.

About Tumble and Trampoline


This is were are the magic happens. The trampoline is the #1 best tool to teach all forms of movement. We use a trampoline to develop all our programs however in Tumble and Tramp we go even further in Trampoline development.

Key Skills:

  • Kaboom

  • Cody

  • Airplane

  • Cruz

  • Seat Drop Flipping

  • Doggy Drop Flipping

  • Whips

Tumble Trak

This is one of the best places to learn how to develop a tumbling pass. With 40' of tumble track you have a lot of room to run. The tumble track allows for high repetition with low impact loading. This allows for more turns and less injury over time.

Key Skills

  • Connecting Handsprings

  • Connecting Flips

  • Twisting a Flip into a Flip connection

  • Double Flipping

  • Double Flipping Double Twisting

Our Paso Robles Location has a tumble strip into a loose foam pit.

Floor Tumbling

The spring floor has a very quick response rate. This means tumblers need to be in the right position at the right time with more precision and accuracy. Tumbling with poor technique on a spring floor will lead to overuse injury over time. This is why we use proper progression and lots of trampoline development to increase tumbling longevity.

Key Skills:

  • Handspring

  • Flips

  • Twisting Flips

  • Double Flips