We are OPEN for Business!

Update: June 17th, 2020

We had to build new class schedules in order to meet guidelines on cleaning, social distancing, and student capacity limits. Our online enrollment will be available in phases.


Paso Facility

June 16-19 is "Priority Registration" for active Paso members.  On June 20th Paso online enrollment is open to the public.  Classes begin June 22!


Atascadero Facility

June 22-26 is "Priority  Registration" for active Atascadero members. On June 27 Atascadero enrollment is open to the public.  Classes begin June 29!

Please watch our video to learn how Thrive will operate upon opening.
In this video you will learn about 6' social distancing, cleaning protocols and more. 

The #1 Sports Program for Children and Adult Development

Thrive's training program builds a foundation for ALL Sports.

We teach Basic through Elite movements in order to help students grow in three key areas.

Self-Awareness | Emotional Intelligence | Critical Thinking

Developmental Programs

Tumble & Tramp


Free Flow

Additional Programs

| Parent'n'Me | Teen Classes | Adult Gymnastics | Trampbata | Cheer Clinics | Skill Clinics | Open Gym (Seasonal) |

- Each program follows custom build curriculum

- Curriculum is designed around intuitive and natural learning progressions mixed with  progressive based learning

Progressive Learning

Step 1

- Age Based Learning

- Development for Flight School

- Run

- Jump

- Crawl

- Roll

- Handstand

- Cartwheel

- Limber

- General Strength


- Listening Skills

- Unlock Achievements

Challenge Day

Step 2

- Skill Based Learning

- Development for Flip School

- Improve Upon Ground School 

- Front Handspring

- Back Handspring

- Round Off

- Coordination

- Skill Specific Strength

- General Flexibility

- Work Ethic

- Unlock Achievements

Challenge Day

Step 3

- Specific Program Development

- Improve on Flight School

- Learn to Flip

- Front Flips

- Back Flips

- Side Flips

- Skill Specific Strength

- Skill Specific Flexibility

- Unlock Achievements



Atascadero (805) 466-1483 | Paso Robles (805) 369-2025

Thrive Training Center Inc. Gymnastic, Parkour, Tumble and Tramp, Freerunning, Tricking, Ninja, Our training complements soccer, baseball, volleyball, softball, football, wrestling, diving, running, basketball, motocross, scooter, snowboarding, cheerleading, dance and more.