Trampoline | Tumble Strip | Tumble Trak | Loose Foam Pit

Stages of Learning


Our mainline ENTRY LEVEL program that follows the Ground, Flight, Flip Curriculum.

*No Testing Required to Enroll in Ground (entry level)


This is where your training begins to focus on sport specific movements such as:

  • Twisting Flips

  • Double Flipping

  • Cody Flips

  • Kaboom Flips

  • Connection Tumbling


All those really cool videos you see online. Yeah we can teach that.

Your Journey


- Development (No Entry Test)

- Specialty | Home Team

- Elite | Travel Team

*Students must test to advance



Based on Demand

Competitive Divisions

About | In House Competitions

We host our own in-house competitive program. This program allows athletes to develop their skill set and build confidence in performance.

About Tumble and Trampoline


This is were are the magic happens. The trampoline is the #1 best tool to teach all forms of movement. We use a trampoline to develop all our programs however in Tumble and Tramp we go even further in Trampoline development.

Key Skills:

  • Kaboom

  • Cody

  • Airplane

  • Cruz

  • Seat Drop Flipping

  • Doggy Drop Flipping

  • Whips

Tumble Trak

This is one of the best places to learn how to develop a tumbling pass. With 40' of tumble track you have a lot of room to run. The tumble track allows for high repetition with low impact loading. This allows for more turns and less injury over time.

Key Skills

  • Connecting Handsprings

  • Connecting Flips

  • Twisting a Flip into a Flip connection

  • Double Flipping

  • Double Flipping Double Twisting

Our Paso Robles Location has a tumble strip into a loose foam pit.

Floor Tumbling

The spring floor has a very quick response rate. This means tumblers need to be in the right position at the right time with more precision and accuracy. Tumbling with poor technique on a spring floor will lead to overuse injury over time. This is why we use proper progression and lots of trampoline development to increase tumbling longevity.

Key Skills:

  • Handspring

  • Flips

  • Twisting Flips

  • Double Flips