League of Champions

The League of Champions (LOC) is our competitive circuit for ALL our classes. 

The Competition Format

Ground and Flight Schools:

  1. Students start at the obstacle course and have two chances to go through the course. 

  2. Trampoline skills and testing on tramp for Flight

  3. Testing Station 1

  4. Testing Station 2

  5. Visit awards table to collect your score card/prizes/buttons/ribbons. 

Flip Schools:

  1. Girls Home Teams-Compete on Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor

  2. Boys Free Flow Team-Compete in Strength, Flexibility, Advanced Challenge and Free Flow Course

  3. T & T Team-Compete on Floor, Trak, and Tramp 

  4. Award ceremony follows the event


Ground and Flight School winners are announced the following week after all scores are collected.  For each session there will be  1st-3rd place buttons awarded to the winners for them to attach to their lanyards.


Flip School Teams receive 1st-5th place ribbons for each event, and 1st-3rd all-around winner receive buttons. 


If students pass their test to level up they will get a button and a ribbon for the new level they graduate to.


All winners and highlights from the competitions will be posted in our monthly newsletter which we will email out.

Bonus Buttons 

These are awarded by coaches based on performance. Descriptions as follows:


Balance- No wobbling, body control, adapt to apparatus, zero falls

Speed-Precision, fast, efficient

Confidence-Poise, mental strength, strong presentation, charisma, brave

Coach Award-Coach or judge saw good potential or talent that was unique.

Strong-Determination, perseverance, grit, pass strength testing

Premium-Outshined, above average, top of the class, near perfection

Outstanding-Overcame fear, had a personal best, exceeded their own expectations, had an amazing moment or event


Thrive Trophy: After each competition the facility with the most amount of winners displays the trophy for the month.

Cost is Free

Included in Tuition 

Thrive Training Center Inc. Gymnastic, Parkour, Tumble and Tramp, Freerunning, Tricking, Ninja, Our training complements soccer, baseball, volleyball, softball, football, wrestling, diving, running, basketball, motocross, scooter, snowboarding, cheerleading, dance and more.