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Class Levels

Beginner Entry Level

No experience required

- Parent & Me  (Currently not Open)   

- Youth Jr Ground Ages 3 1/2 - 4 years  

- Ground School Ages 5-7 or 8-12 years 

- Teen Classes  Ages 12-17 

- Adult Classes Age 18+

Intermediate Level

Requires Testing or Completion of Beginner Level Program. 

- Jr. Flight

Advanced Level

Requires Testing or Completion of Intermediate Level Program. 

- Flight

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Rates may vary based on hours and program

Ground School

$8 Drop In for Parent'n'Me

*Atascadero Only


45min-60min a day

1x week

**Amateur League Included

Flight School


60min-90min a day

1x week

**Masters League Included

Flip School

$95 - $427/mo

2hr - 4hr a day

1-5x per week

**Premier League Included

(Home Team / XCEL / Junior Olympic Lv3-10 / Elite)

Other Programs

Adult Gym $40

Trampbata $30-$40

Teen $78-$93

Thrive Training Center Inc. Gymnastic, Parkour, Tumble and Tramp, Freerunning, Tricking, Ninja, Our training complements soccer, baseball, volleyball, softball, football, wrestling, diving, running, basketball, motocross, scooter, snowboarding, cheerleading, dance and more.